Plakias Walk 9
This is the longest walk on the website, but besides the distance, not the hardest! The walk will lead you from Koxare to the ruins of an Ottoman Castle, the village of Atsipades and along the northern slopes of Mount Kouroupa. The landscape is diverse and there is even a small part through the leftovers of a forest, that used to cover most of Crete a long time ago. Via the village of Kanevos you walk back to Plakias, through the imposing Kotsifou Gorge with its humongous cliffs and a small church build against them. The last part of the walk is down through the olive groves just north of Plakias.
You'll have to take the bus or a taxi to Koxare.
Click on the KTEL logo for the latest up to date bus timetables (choose departure from Rethymno) and check Plakias-Rethymno.
You will find the directions for this walk below the map (printable for personal use only) and a few photos. On the map you can click on the landmarks for information and more photos.

Enjoy the beauty of Plakias and surroundings. Don't forget to leave only your footprints!

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Plakias, Greece