Walks Plakias
Plakias is a paradise for people who love to walk in nature. The surroundings are filled with walks on all levels and for all persons. From walking alongside a river, the water canal or the beaches to walking through olive fields, picturesque mountain villages or to the top of a mountain, Plakias has it all.
I have put together 16 walks in the surroundings of Plakias with detailed directions, points of interests and maps. For an overview map scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.
A lot of the walks can be easily combined and the walks that start outside of Plakias are reachable by bus or taxi. The given durations of the walks are of course depending on speed and don't include breaks. When I use the term flat it is of course relative on Crete.
Don't forget to bring water, sun block, head wear and sturdy shoes.
"Leave only your footprints"
When you walk into a fence on Crete you can open it as long as you close it again before continuing, the fences are there to keep animals in or out!
You can click the landmarks and villages on the map for more info on them.
Enjoy the beauty of Plakias and its surroundings and don't forget to leave only your footprints!

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Plakias, Greece