Beaches around Plakias
One of the reasons Plakias never really feels crowded is there are so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Within walking distance (1 hour maximum) there are no less than 8 beaches. Each beach has its own characteristics and charm. There is a beach for nudism (Ammoudaki), while on most other beaches there are parts where nudism is practiced as well. Remember the Cretans can be offended by public nudity so choose carefully and with respect.
Most beaches have umbrellas and sunbeds while tavernas are right at the beach or within walking distance.
Some beaches are perfect for snorkelling and others have water sport opportunities.
The water is safe and, unless there are big waves, extremely clear. With eastern and western winds be careful and listen to the locals when they tell you there are parts it's better not to go swimming that day.
Use the map below for directions, detailed information and pictures of all the beaches.
For information on the beaches further away, like Preveli, Triopetra and Marmara for instance click here.
Last but not least, leave only your footprints!

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Plakias, Greece