About a 13km drive east from Plakias you will find this famous monastery with its very rich history. The Preveli monks were both very active in the continuous fight for freedom as in educating the people. The monastery is best known for hiding allied soldiers during WWII and helping them escape with submarines. A row of stone tablets right after the entrance tell the story.
The monastery still uses parts of the original, restored buildings. You will also find an impressive church, an area for animals and a museum within the monasteries walls.
Walk 7 passes this beautiful monastery.
In between the exit to Preveli Beach and Preveli Monastery (Piso) you wiil find the Preveli International Memorial for Resistance and Peace, commemorating the people who gave their lives in the Battle of Crete in 1941.
If you go by bus it is easiest to get off at the Preveli Beach stop and walk to Preveli Monastery (Piso), on the way you will pass the Memorial with two statues, one of an Abbot and one of a soldier carrying rifles. (450 meters to the Memorial and 800 meters more to the monastery).
In the season there are 5 buses a day from Plakias to Piso (Rear) Preveli Monastery. Click on the logo for the up to date schedules (Choose "with departure from Rethymno").
Opening hours:
09:00-13-30 and 15:30-18:30 (May-September) -  09:00-17:00 (winter months)
Entrance fee: €3,00 (2019)

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