In the lower part of the Kotsifou Gorge there are 2 old water mill ruins, just a short walk north from Plakias. The second one is the one that is best known because there is quite a bit left of it. It is situated at the stream which ends up in Plakias. A beautiful old stone bridge leads you to water mill ruins in lush green surroundings. When you walk upstream from here you will see a newly built replica of an old water mill.
The mills used water to make the blades turn in order to grind wheat and were in use till the mid-1960's, according to the local people.
If you want to go have a look use the directions of walk 2, which has also an extension to the path behind the mill that will take you up to the village of Myrthios, with some great views from above the mill and towards Plakias.

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Plakias, Greece