Myrthios is a small scenic mountain village on the slopes of Mount Kouroupa, 1.3km north of Plakias. It was already mentioned in a census in 1577, but has nowadays few permanent residents. Alongside the main road you can find some very nice arts and crafts shops and several restaurants, some of them with a spectacular view over Plakias and the bay. There is also a small folklore museum, just behind the small church alongside the road.
Like in most Cretan villages it's interesting to have a wander through the small alleys north of the main road, it's taking you back to a time without cars.
The best view over Plakias and the bay is about 400 meters out of town, following the main road to the west, from a strip of concrete that is used by buses to turn.
You can walk up from Plakias In 30-45 minutes, it is not far but very steep! For directions use walk 13 or 17.
By car you drive east towards Lefkogeia and turn left at the sign for Myrthios.
Opening hours Folklore Museum: Varies depending on the time of year but in general it opens around 10 and is closed in the afternoon, usually between 13:30-16:30
Entrance fee:

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Plakias, Greece