Mount or Cape Kakomouri is situated at the east end of Plakias beach, in between Plakias Bay and Damnoni Bay. The views from the cairn (pile of rocks) on the top at 204m and while walking up are absolutely breathtaking. You have the perfect view over Plakias and the crescent moon shaped bay it lies in. The little plateau on top is also a perfect place to spot early spring flowers.
At the bottom on the Plakias side you can't miss the steep cliff (Paligremnos) and the Gonatos caves. From the dried up sea water puddles on the rocks at the end you can collect some wild sea salt.
You can walk to the top and/or around Kakomouri from Plakias to Damnoni with walk 16.
Walk 15 will lead you along the steep cliff to the caves.

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Plakias, Greece