Kourtaliotis Gorge
When you drive down from the north coast to Plakias this breath taking 2.3 kilometre gorge is one of the two entrance ways (the other one is the Kotsifou Gorge). Situated in between Mount Kouroupa and Mount Xiron some of the cliffs reach 600 meters above sea level. On the right side of the gorge (coming from the north) you will find the Agia Kiriaki church, half built against the rocks. A little further on the other side of the road you will see a small arch, which marks the entrance for the steps down to the Agios Nikolaos church and beautiful 40 meter high waterfalls. The waterfalls consist of 5 springs which according to the legend were made by the fingertips of Saint Nikolaos.
All the holes and caves in the gorge make a perfect nesting place for birds of prey and if you're lucky you'll see some magnificent Griffon vultures soaring over.
Walk 14 passes the gorge, the Saint Nikolaos church and the waterfalls.

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