The imposing Kotsifou Gorge is one of the two entranceways to Plakias when you are coming from the north (Kourtaliotis Gorge is the other one). The gorge is only 10 meters wide at the northern entrance, just passed the village of Kanevos, and widens towards Plakias. The cliffs in the smaller part of the gorge reach a dazzling 600 meters.
There is a small church alongside the road, build against the cliff which is open for a visit.
A small river runs through the gorge and ends up splitting Plakias in two. The lower part has water running through it all year, which makes it ideal for an adventurous riverwalk in lush, green surroundings with 2 old water mill ruins (see walk 2).
Walk 9 and 17 go through the whole gorge.

Tip: Most traffic uses the Kourtaliotis Gorge, including the bus from Rethymno, but if you have a car make sure to drive through this gorge as well, it is breathtaking! Or hike through it!

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Plakias, Greece