On the way from Plakias to Preveli Beach and the famous Piso (Rear) Preveli Monastery, right after Preveli Bridge you will find the beautifully restored ruins of Kato (Lower) Preveli Monastery or Monastery of St. John the Baptist. There are strong indications there was already a religious settlement here around the 10th-11th century, but the oldest date related to these ruins is 1594, which is engraved on a bell of the monastery. Both monasteries were probably build during the Venetian occupation by a feudal lord known as Prevelis.
The monastery was repeatedly destroyed by various conquerors. They restored the ruins in 2013 and the monastery is now open to the public and absolutely worth a visit. The monastery is situated in green surroundings with spectacular views towards Kourtaliotis Gorge, Frati Gorge and Preveli Bridge. Walking around here makes you feel like going back in time. The little church is still in use and even the little area for animals is back. There is also a small, interesting museum in the back.
To include this monastery in an amazing walk, have a look at walk 8
In the season there are 5 buses a day from Plakias to Piso (Rear) Preveli Monastery, just ask the driver to drop you off at Preveli Bridge and walk fo the monastery from there. Click on the logo for the up to date schedules (Choose "with departure from Rethymno").
Opening hours:
09:00-13-30 and 15:30-18:30 (May-September) -  09:00-17:00 (winter months) Entrance fee: €3,00 (2019)

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