Daytrip tips Plakias
Plakias is a perfect starting point for some amazing daytrips to magical places like Balos, Elafonisi and Argyroupoli or to some of the spectacular gorges of Crete.
The island also has a very rich history starting with Europe's oldest civilization, the Minoan, followed by occupations by the Greek, the Romans, the Byzantines Empire, the Andalusian Arabs, the Venetian, the Ottoman Empire and the Germans. Archaeological finds are scattered all over Crete and are well worth a visit.
Enjoy one of the bigger historical cities in the north, like Rethymno, Chania and Heraklion or go on a day cruise to the beaches and places east and west of Crete, like Triopetra, Marmara and Loutro.
On a good road trip the route is as beautiful as its destination so for the people with a car I have put together the most scenic routes to many of the landmarks.
Use the overview map below to see which landmarks are featured in which day trip tip(s), including information about them.
Below the map is a short description of all featured day trip tips including the transportation options. Clicking on the road trip icon will take you to detailed directions, information, maps and pictures. The driving distance, time and routes are of course only for people who have rented a car.

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Plakias, Greece