Daytrip Tip 8 Plakias
The Aradena Gorge is my personal favourite gorge in the south of Crete, ending on Marmara Beach with its turquoise, crystal clear water.
The easiest option is to do this trip organized which includes a boat ride from Marmara Beach.
It is also possible to do it by car but that means you will have to walk the gorge down and back up to your car at the abandoned village of Aradena. You drive east via Sellia, Chora Sfakion and Anopolis to Aradena village. You can park your car just passed the bridge next to a small cantina.
Aradena Gorge
You walk down this breath-taking gorge from the abandoned village of Aradena to the gorgeous Marmara Beach, passing the bridge where you can bungee jump from in the weekends in July and August. The gorge is not overcrowded yet, not too long (5km) and absolutely breath taking! You end up on a beautiful little pebble beach with caves to swim to on the east side. There are some sunbeds and umbrellas and there is also a taverna with view over the beach and its crystal clear water to reward yourself with a drink and something to eat. From the bridge you go through the gate at the little parking and follow the path through the abandoned village into the gorge There is no water in the gorge. The difficulty is about the same as the Samaria gorge, only a lot shorter. There are no specific opening times and there is no entrance fee (2019).
Tip: In the gorge you walk into a tree used as a barrier and a path going up on your right. If you feel adventurous pass the barrier instead of taking the path and you will pass some ropes and ladders.

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