Asomatos is a village 6km north east of Plakias on the southern slopes of Mount Kouroupa, just before the southern entrance of the imposing Kourtaliotis gorge. There is a taverna, a colourful pottery shop, a museum and a bus stop. When you walk just passed the east end of the village there are amazing views towards the Preveli area, the Libyan Sea and the Paximadia islands.
Asomatos is also the start or finish of walks 13 and 14.
The museum of Papa Michalis Georgoulakias (Oriseum) is more than worth a visit.
Papa Michalis starting collecting everything from the age of 15, which resulted in a fascinating and unique insight into the traditional Cretan way of life during the last century. Michalis died in 2008 and his son together with his wife took over.
You will find the museum following the sign from the main road into a small alley (towards the south).
Opening times: NA
Entrance fee: NA

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Plakias, Greece