Plakias Beach, with its 1300 meters, has a lot to offer. Starting at the pier and stretching all the way to Paligremnos (the steep cliff on the east end of the beach).
Activities on and around Plakias Beach, besides swimming and sunbathing of course, are:
The rental of jet skis in the season (about halfway on the beach)
Beach volleyball (at the second beach bar of four coming from Plakias centre)
A climbing wall (Paligremnos) at the end of the beach. The cliff has climbing hooks and is a good practice for the lovers of steep rock climbing and the views over Plakias Beach are amazing, especially at sunset. There are 2 ways to get there, an unmarked path through the dunes up to the cliff or the small path next to Plakias Bay Hotel, just 50 meters passed the end of the beach. On this path you take the first right turn and you can't miss it.

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Plakias, Greece